Clean it Like a Pro: Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleaning doesn’t necessary have to be annoying and time-consuming chore. Not if you are aware of the best cleaning tips, which will provide you a quick and effortless maintenance of your place. Read this article and learn how to clean like a professional.

There are shortcuts to use on almost every procedure, and it doesn’t have to equal doing it less effective. Professional cleaners Charlton will share with you their cleaning shortcuts, so follow their advice and spare yourself some time for other, more pleasant things than making your home spotless.

Tea and coffee are tasty drinks that often leave stains on china. Forget scrubbing them for hours and take the shortcut. Prepare your own cleaning product, by mixing salt and white vinegar in equal parts. Use this cleaning product on the stained cups and the marks will be gone after a single wipe.

Cheese graters have always food residues on them, no matter how many times you cut a finger, while trying to wash them away. It is about time to give up this unsuccessful method and go the easy way. A pastry brush will help you get rid of all food build ups on both sides of your grater, and you won’t even get injured in the process. Just keep this simple tool near your sink to use it when necessary.

When cleaning a coffee grinder, use this trick, recommended by cleaners Clapton. People often use those devices for grinding of many other things, different than coffee beans. If you do the same, you should be aware of the fact, when grinding spices, the smell will be almost impossible to remove after. In order to clean your coffee grinder like a real pro will do it, you must run a small amount of raw white rice trough and it will be clean and preserved in tip top condition.

Now you know three shortcuts to take when cleaning. Using them will spare you some time and efforts, so why not try?

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